Frequently Asked Questions;

I soak in Epsom salts at home, isn't that the same thing?

In an float tank there is close to 1000lbs of Epsom salt to about gallons of water in a 4' x 8' tank designed to be soundproof, light proof and maintain a constant temperature of 93.5 degrees. This allows you to float effortlessly completely suspended by the concentrated solution. This is not possible to do in a regular bathtub.

I have never been able to float how will I float in the tank?

In a float tank, you will float! With approximately 800 pounds of Epsom Salt dissolved in skin temperature water you will float like a feather.

Won’t my skin get wrinkly like in a bath or shower?

Surprisingly not, in fact you skin and hair will be incredibly soft after your float session. In fact, floating is good for many skin conditions.

Is the tank clean?

Yes, between floats the tank is cleaned with a UV filtration system and sanitized.

What will happen when I float?

That will depend on you. Some people simply relax and enjoy the quiet, others sleep or meditate. There is no right or wrong way to float, just relax in the warmth as stress Simply Floats away!

Can I float while I am menstruating?

We ask that you do not float while you are menstruating. A Accidental mishap could devastating since we are just starting our business, once we're more stable we'll change this policy.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Yes! Floating can relieve much of the stress and discomfort of pregnancy and allow deep rest for the mother and baby.

Warning: You should not float if you have a high-risk pregnancy. Please consult your physician or midwife if you have questions.

Can I fall asleep?

Due to the high concentration of Epsom salts, you float on the surface like a feather. Even your head bobs to the surface. Not only is sleeping in the tank encouraged, but one hour of sleep in the tank can have the effect of four hours of sleep in a bed under the pull of gravity.


What If I have Sleep Apnea
I would bring your CPAP,(CPAP is the abbreviation for continuous positive airway pressure therapy, is a treatment method for patients who have sleep apnea. CPAP machines use mild air pressure to keep the airways open, and are typically used by patients who have breathing problems during sleep). This will enhance a better float experience, we don't want you think you're drowning when you're not. (As long as you're not laying face down not recommended even with a CPAP) Because you're just trying to breath normal and you can't because you have sleep Apnea.


Can I Drown?

No. Not unless you can lay face down in it, and are capable of tolerating the sting of the salt on the eyes, nose and mouth.

What if I'm claustrophobic?

People who say that they are afraid to use the tank because they are claustrophobic, probably assume that they will be confined to an enclosed space. But in fact, many people report the feeling of floating in space rather than being confined. The tank is an excellent place to go to help you work through your claustrophobia, so if you want to get rid of yours, it is probably the best place to do it.

Is there research from Doctors and physical therapist that supports floating?

The evidence supporting the therapeutic effects of floating is mounting and has been for 60 years. Research has shown that floating is effective for reducing stress and anxiety, treating fibromyalgia, PTSD, chronic pain and many other ailments. Just enter “Flotation Therapy” into Google and you will find a lot of research. Also, our website and Facebook page has many informative articles.