PROMOTIOMS: Refer a Friend/s and recieve a free Floaty earn, or cash, or store credit

! Refer your friends and after 5 have floated with us, you can receive either a free float or $5 for each referred friend who floats! To sign up create your account and fill in your information. Also let us know how you heard about us. Then, under the monkey icon, go to refer friends for free floats and click it. You can add a picture to your account or we can when you come to float. Click on the enroll box and follow the instructions, it will then give you a code, (if you want a different code, please call 208-380-8881). This is the code you will give to the people you refer. So, write it down and remember it! Remind them to give Simply Floats the code when they check in so we can credit your account. And then you get credit towards a free float or $5, whichever you prefer! Remember after 5 referrals you can get a free float or $5 in $Cash$ for each referred float! 

Groupon buyers please create an account first before you buy these discount coupons at, or book now link. Groupon does not give me your email address in hopes that you don't redeem, and they don't pay me, and they keep your money. I want your email to notify you that your float/s is about to expire. I know we all have busy lives. So if you let me redeem them I will keep them on as in house credit for an additional 30 days after they expire.